The company

«AP ERGONplus» is a company specializing in the fields of Project Management and Construction Management.
Our company employs highly skilled engineers, most of whom have worked in significant technical projects, gaining valuable experience in a variety of topics.
Our company's philosophy is based on significant values, such as professionalism, flexibility, awareness of the latest business trends and business excellence.
Our aim is to improve the efficiency of our clients' operations by providing high quality services.


We focus ONLY on the private sector, hotels, shops, private high standard houses and demanding industrial & office projects.
We have a FLEXIBLE and organizational structure, offering top quality services meeting our customers' specific needs.
We have developed specific procedures and rules to meet objectives in the areas of construction quality, time schedule and budget.


Project management
Strategic support

1. Cost advice and control
2. Technical assistance programmes
3. Project management
4. Consultant team briefing and management


1. Client brief and consultants' responsibilities
2. Contract procedures and working arrangements
3. Site investigations and evaluation
4. Selection and appointment of consultants and specialists
5. Tender preparation and administration
6. Value management and engineering


1. Team leadership and coordination
2. Monitoring construction works
3. Client report
4. Monitoring defects liability and maintenance provisions
Construction management
1. Construction Supervision and monitoring the execution of the project for conformance with the execution drawings and the specifications as well as with the generally acknowledged rules of technology and regulations.
2. Daily on site inspections including the maintaining of the construction diary and photograph records of all major activities in the site.
3. Coordination of the work of all Subcontractors involved and solving in cooperation with the designers all technical problems that might arise during construction.
4. Measuring of all executed works in order to cross check invoices of Subcontractors. Maintaining Cost records comparing contracted values to work already invoiced.
5. Preparation and monitoring of the budget and cash flow of the project and providing all necessary comments and explanations in cases of budget or cash flow deviations.
6. Invitation and collection of Subcontractors offers including negotiations for improved offers. Proposals to the Owner for his final selection.
7. Collection of alternative offers for materials including samples. Discussions with the designers and the Owner for the approval of all materials.
8. Maintaining Social Security Monthly Records for all Subcontractors personnel who will be working in the site and submission after approval by the Owner to the regional IKA office.
9. Continuous supervision so that appropriate safety measures are kept by Subcontractors' personnel.

Projects / Portfolio


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